Johanna Garfield

The Life of a Real Girl,
Aá True Story


When I was sixteen, I was starving myself to death. My periods had stopped, and my arms were so skinny that my brother Frank, three and a half years older, said I had wrists like a bird. At seventeen, I weighed 225 pounds. The dowdy misses dresses my slender mother brought home for me from lane Bryant were size 44. My favorite ring had to be cuć from my finger. Even my feet were fat. I wore 8 1/​2 E.
-Chapter 1


"Eloquent. Profoundly moving. A stirring testament to the strength and vitality of the human spirit."

-Lynn Caine

Selected Works

"A compelling valediction to a tormented anorexic adolescence...Candid, witty and intensely moving."
London Times
Cousins provides the first in-depth look at the richness and variety of cousin relationships.
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