Johanna Garfield

A Long Island Downstairs Viewed from Upstairs

"It has sometimes occurred to me in my years upon various psychoanalytic couches that the earnest interest of my therapists in parental actions and influences during my infancy and childhood was misplaced..."

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Selected Works

"A compelling valediction to a tormented anorexic adolescence...Candid, witty and intensely moving."
London Times
Cousins provides the first in-depth look at the richness and variety of cousin relationships.
The Home Section, The New York Times
New Yorker's Diary, The New York Observer
New Yorkers Diary, The New York Observer
The City, The New York Times
City Section, The New York Times
New York Forum, New York Newsday
Newsday, New York Edition
The Christian Science Monitor
Private Life, MS Magazine
Musical America